Pre-Packaged Shelf-Stable Snacks

Our snacks come pre-packaged and ready to serve. They are designed to meet the Federal USDA CACFP & SFSP snack guidelines.

  • Eighteen pre-packed options (42/case) or customize your own ( 1 case min. order)
  • Designed to meet federal snack reimbursement guidelines*
  • No refrigeration required (variable shelf life up to 6 months)
  • Each easy-to-open Snack Mates Contains:
  • 1 x 6.75oz 100% Fruit Juice
  • 1 x bread/meat alternative requirement

Snack Mates’ Shelf Stable  Meal Kits

Snack Mates is our simple packaged meal as it not only works around to provide high-quality shelf-stable lunch and dinner meal kits. Snack Mates stands up to its name and more because it consists of an easy to open meal that includes a single 6.75oz 100% Fruit or Vegetable juice and a single whole grain bread or meat alternative requirement.

This serves as the ideal snack option for kids who’re heading to school or summer feeding programs, so Snack Mates’ healthy shelf-stable meals are designed to comply with the Federal USDA’s Child and Adult Care Food Programs (CACFP) and Summer Food Service Programs (SFSP).

The menu is equipped with all the nutritional necessities that meet the requirements of any individual, whether it’s a child or an adult. Snack Mates’ pre-packaged Snack menus cater to a diverse consumer base that includes but is not limited to Cheddar Cheese Crackers as a delicious snack or if you’re looking for something that tends to your sweet tooth then there are the Waffle Graham or Cinnamon Graham Crackers that offer a quality taste and aroma while fulfilling all the nutritional requirements that you can think of.

Our menu is not only comprised of a mainstream line of items but also covers other nutritional areas such pre-packaged snacks include Gold Fish Pretzels that are coupled with our proprietary 100% Fruit or vegetable juice. But this is not all as Snack Mates also works around to deliver more wholesome products that not only contain some crunchy ingredients but also tend to all your nutritional requirements that include our Soy Nuts, Sunflower Seeds, Trail Mix, several types of Chicken and Tuna Salad, etc.

If you want to package your own snacks, Create a customized meal with our Build a Pallet platform that entails numerous benefits such as tending to multiple product lines, simplify your ordering process, and we also offer customer pick up or delivery as we also ship nationwide.

Price List Available Upon Request from Our Sales Department

  • *May vary based on state or age restrictions

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