Shelf Stable Prepackaged CACFP & SFSP Reimbursable Meals

  • Cost effective

  • Kid-friendly
  • Fully customizable

  • Variable shelf life of 6 months or more

  • No refrigeration needed
  • No minimum orders

  • Meets USDA requirements for federal reimbursement

Kids SFSP Emergency Meal Box

5 Summer Feeding Kids Meals packaged in 1 ready to go box.

Due to the current pandemic, JA Foodservice is now providing an Emergency Meal Box for kids. This box includes five meals that qualify for USDA summer feeding reimbursable guidelines. Handing this box out once a week to kids will help minimize contact. A breakfast and lunch SFSP box is also available now! Please contact our representatives for further details.

Locker Mates’ Shelf Stable Meals

Locker Mates is not a conventional meal package by any means. Not only does it boast a large variety of kid-friendly and cost effective menus, but also holds a shelf-life of more than six months. Our menus are fully customizable and meet all nutritional requirements varying by State, Age, and Component. Our CACFP & SFSP menus include but are not limited to Chicken Salad accompanied by Sunflower Kernels, Craisins, Whole Grain Crackers, and 100% juice. This is just one of the combos that can be purchased out of an entire menu full of endless possibilities.

With Locker Mates, you have an entire customizable menu at your disposal. This opens up the gateway for you to create custom meals that revolve entirely around the criteria that you have in mind. You can subtract the veggies, tweak the ingredients, and substitute or extract problematic elements. This makes Locker Mates the #1 go to for accommodating any special dietary needs

JA Foodservice makes nutritionally balanced and tasty meals quick and simple for those providing them. Contact one of our representatives, and JA Foodservice will take care of the rest for you!