Nutritious Shelf Stable Meals for Kids

If you are searching for a portable, satisfying meal that can meet federal reimbursement guidelines for breakfast, lunch or supper, we are your answer. We can accommodate your children’s dietary needs including gluten free, allergen free, vegetarian and Kosher. We can help you shape a nutritionally balanced, cost-effective menu that children of all ages will enjoy.

Children are quite fragile when it comes to their dietary plans as it requires more than just a balanced diet instead they require a diet that packs a punch in terms of instantly replenishing their energy and tending to their rapid metabolic rates. If you are on the lookout for a wholesome meal that offers a nutritionally fulfilling experience, then we have put together a menu that children of all ages (k-12) would be more than happy to munch on. Our diet plans are packed to fit all the primary dynamics of nutrition, including gluten-free, allergen-free, vegetarian and Kosher, while meeting your State or USDA reimbursement guidelines.

Our backpack program offers a nutritious and shelf-stable meal for children of all ages to effectively contribute to their health requirements. This package is not only cost-effective but also kid-friendly and convenient. Providing an extensive inventory is one thing, whereas providing an entirely customizable inventory is another. This is where the backpack programs excel with its customizable nature.

Whether it’s Ramen Noodles, Crackers, Mac & Cheese, or  Cinnamon treats, the backpack program primary goal is to provide food with a shelf-life of 6 months or longer to feed children when hungry on weekends.   Backpack programs which feed children when not attending school have not only increased the attendance ratios but also maximized the productivity of kids in school because of their improved academic performance in tests and physical performance during sports.

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Several credible types of research and thousands of observations later, it is a well-established fact that a wholesome breakfast can kickstart your entire day with a blast as it has various benefits, in the long run, considering that it improves your cognitive processing while enhancing motor skills and optimizing your reflexes to perform better in everyday life.

Breakfast Mates is your ideal companion for this task as they not only provide an impressive shelf-stability of up to 6 months but also meets the reimbursement requirements for NSLP,  CACFP and SPSF breakfast programs. Our Breakfast Mates can easily be prepped up within seconds as there is no other form of labor or refrigeration required other than adding milk and munching away.

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The National School Lunch Program (NSLP) offers cash reimbursement to help schools serve snacks to children after their regular school day ends. Afterschool snacks give children a nutritional boost and help to draw them into supervised activities with renewed energy! Each Snack Mates contains a 6.75 oz. 100% fruit juice and 1 bread/meat alternative requirement.

Snack Mates is not your conventional snack program as these snacks are packed with eighteen pre-packed options; or if you wish to customize your nutritional intake, then there is always the option to add or subtract any ingredient. Snack Mates are not only designed to meet federal snack reimbursement guidelines but also require no refrigeration.

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Locker Mates pre-packaged, shelf stable meals are an ideal solution for summer feeding and after school programs. Our meals meet the USDA federal reimbursable guidelines. They come ready to serve in convenient reseal able bags. Our goal is to help programs find a way to keep cost low, while still providing a nutritious option to the kids.

Locker Mates shelf-stable meals are kid-friendly, and as far as the federal reimbursement guidelines are concerned, Locker Mates is fully compliant with it CACFP, SFSP, and NSLP emergency meal guidelines. The shelf life of Locker Mates is variable as the tenure of 6 months is the average best buy date, and  can last significantly longer under ideal conditions.

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JA Food Service refines your nutritional experience by providing high-quality pre-prepped meals that are both convenient and cost-effective.