Emergency Meal & Safety Kits

Cost-effective, shelf-stable emergency meals & safety kits for senior programs, food banks, government funded projects and natural disaster preparedness programs nationwide.


Weather Related Emergencies

Shelf stable, pre-packaged meals are an ideal solution when home delivered meals can’t be distributed, such as during bad weather. These meals do not require refrigeration or cooking and can be consumed at room temperature.

Disaster Situations

Natural disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, major earthquakes and extreme blizzards can strike without notice or little warning. Shelf stable, pre-packaged meals can help keep those in need nourished until a disaster has passed. We also offer emergency supplies for your kits, such as blankets, whistles and glow sticks.


Emergency School Feeding

Schools always need to be ready for the worst case scenario when it comes to emergency school closings: anything from hurricanes to natural disasters. The USDA recommends that schools offer up to two meals each day to students if they are closed due to an emergency. Are you prepared? Contact us about our NSLP compliant shelf stable solution.

Single Serve Non-Fat Dry Milk Order By The Case

JA Foodservice packages single-serve non-fat dry milk. Add water to make 8oz liquid milk. Our powdered milk is kosher and shelf stable for 18 months.

Contact our sales department to order by the case.