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    Frequently Asked Quesions

    Depending on order quantity, delivery can take up to 14 days. Contact our sales department (using the form provided or by calling 800-592-1173) if you need an expedited order.

    We like working with programs of any size. Therefore, we do not require a minimum other than 1 case of your desired meal. Whether you have a large program or small, or if you have limited storage space, we are here to help.

    JA Foodservice ships nation wide and we work with people in just about every state already.
    Because we ship nation wide and every order is different, the shipping cost of your order depends on where you are located and what meals you’ve ordered. Please call (800) 592-1173 for shipping quotes for a specific order.
    Our meals are designed to last for 6 months on your shelf, no refrigeration required. We can also design meals that will last longer depending on the specifics of your feeding program.
    JA Foodservice works with many food service distribution companies. You can find our product in their catalogs by reaching out to them. However, we will also reach out to them for you in order to establish a pathway for your purchase if you would like.
    JA Foodservice has been creating meals for all types of federally funded programs for several years. Our dietitians are aware of all the changes happening with your program and configure our meals to make sure you are reimbursed. Even if your state has additional requirements, we will work with your state dietitian and customize our menus so that you can be certain the meals will work for your program.
    Absolutely! We stock a wide variety of food product that meet all type of dietary needs. Whether you are kosher, gluten free, vegan, vegetarian or have a specific food allergy, we can create a meal that will meet the guidelines for your program and be delicious.
    We accept all forms of payment including, Credit Cards, ACH Transfer, Check, Money Order and Credit Approved Purchase Orders.
    Call our sales department at (800) 592-1173 or send us a message via our Contact page. One of our dedicated staff members will get back to you ASAP.