Breakfast Mates!

Studies show that breakfast improves student participation, productivity and performance. Give your kids that vital morning energy boost with essential vitamins and minerals. Breakfast Mates makes it easy for your kids to have a learning advantage.

  • Shelf stable
  • Portable
  • No labor or preparation required
  • Meets USDA reimbursable requirements for CACFP & SFSP breakfast
  • Excellent for afterschool and summer feeding programs

  • Napkin & utensil kit included

  • Ready to serve – just add milk!

Breakfast Mates’ Shelf Stable Breakfast Food

Breakfast is considered to be the most important meal of the day as not only does it give you a nutritional head start for your day ahead but also contributes to overall improved health. Breakfast Mates! was designed while keeping kids in mind and specifically the ones who have a lot to encounter during their days such as school and sports.

Breakfast Mates is the most viable breakfast alternative that makes all the more difference with its shelf-stability that can last you up to 6 months or more if exposed to ideal conditions. Breakfast Mates meets Federal reimbursable requirements for CAFCP, NSLP & SFSP breakfast meals.

Breakfast Mates is ideal as an energizing school meal or a summer feeding programs that include a napkin and a spoon so that you can have your breakfast in a classroom or park setting. Breakfast Mates are ready-to-eat as there is only one missing piece of the puzzle, and that is milk.  We can also include UHT shelf stable White or Flavored Milk at your request. Breakfast Mates’ cereal require you to add milk so that you can enjoy a wholesome breakfast almost instantly.

The menu is comprised of different components as compared to other pre-packaged meals because you have a plethora of options to choose from that includes the famous Marshmallow Matey’s and Cinnamon Toasters accompanied by Cheddar Cheese Sticks, MJM Grahams, or Savory Crackers. All of these meals can either include unsweetened  (Flavored) Applesauce, Dried Fruit and/ or 100% Fruit or Vegetable  Juice.

Breakfast Mates can also be tailored to suit your needs better as they can be customized yet still comply with USDA’s CACFP, NSLP, and SFSP programs. We specialize in warehouse distribution, so all of our meals are customized, palletized and then supplied to where they are needed whether it’s to be served as a  school breakfast, day care breakfast, or for a summer feeding program.