Backpack Program

We supply pre-packaged food for your backpack program. Food options are nutritious, shelf-stable and kid friendly, convenient and cost effective.

  • Completely customizable. Choose any items from our extensive inventory
  • Our food options have a shelf life of 6 months or longer. Many products meet USDA Food Buyers Guide requirements.
  • Increased attendance rates on Fridays ( backpacks are passed out on Fridays). Improved behavior, test scores and health.

How We Redefine Backpack Programs

Packaged Meal Kit provide nutritious solutions for backpack programs that are both cost-effective and shelf-stable for up to 6 months or more. Backpack programs prove to be a viable alternative for weekend food for children who might not have adequate food until Monday morning in school. The growth spurt in kids requires an adequate diet that can work to improve their metabolic rate and this where our completely customizable backpack program comes in to save the day.

Because of the extensive shelf-life of our products, they are compliant to meet the requirements of many Food Buyers as we also specialize in warehouse distribution that supplies to a variety of clientele ranging from the Federal and State government to individual clients with very specific nutritional criteria.

Our menu ranges from Ramen Noodles to Crackers and Cinnamon Toasters, including a variety of cheese-oriented products that are bound to leave the kids craving for more. Our Backpack program weekend food supplies do not only include an extensive menu, but it can also be readily optimized to add or subtract gluten or other allergens.

If you are on the look for pre-packaged meals for your Backpack program, then look no further because our meals are commercially prepared with the highest quality ingredients to ensure that the taste of your meal is not compromised even after being in storage for six months.


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