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Locker Mates

Our nutritious shelf stable, kid-friendly meals that meet the USDA’s CACFP & SFSP reimbursable requirements, just add milk! These portable meals require no preparation, kitchen or cold storage.

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Backpack Program

Customizable prepacked weekend packs designed to assist organizations that provide students with nutritious, shelf-stable food to take home on the weekends when they otherwise might go hungry.

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Breakfast Mates

Delicious and satisfying breakfast that meet the CACFP & SFSP Guidelines. Our breakfasts are ready to serve and cost effective, just add milk.

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Senior Meal kits

J&R Packaging, a subsidiary of JA Foodservice, provides cost-effective, nourishing shelf stable and emergency meals for senior programs, adult daycares, food banks, and government-funded projects. If your program needs to meet certain nutrient goals, (RDA or DRI) our extensive supply of food components offers both variety and nutrition to shape any diet.

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Emergency Services

Natural disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes and extreme blizzards can strike without notice and little warning. Shelf stable, prepackaged emergency kits can help keep those in need nourished and safe until help arrives. We now can include emergency products.

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The Best Shelf Stable Meals by Packaged Meal Kit by JA Food Service

JA Foodservice is a family owner and operated business that is a renowned provider of custom package shelf-stable meal kits. Not only do we customize, we ship nationwide but we also make sure our products taste considerably better than other conventional shelf-stable meals. Our services are recognized for their exceptional quality and customer service as we tend to food services and warehouse distribution on a commercial scale that is mandated by the Federal Government according to its regulations to make up for the ever-growing needs of its feeding programs.


With the extended shelf stability of our products up to 6 months, we augment our potential by offering custom meals that can be devised by the Federal Government or based on the requirements of the State or even an individual customer.  At JA you’ll have a dedicated team member that can help design meal kits to fit your exact needs.  This is the key contributing factor that separates us from other meal kit providers is that we tailor our products to suit your requirements the best.


Variety of Shelf-Stable Meals:

Our resources enable us to provide a wide array of packages that are designed for a particular purpose in mind such as the kid friendly meal kits that meet federal reimbursement guidelines for Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) and Summer Feeding Meal Programs. This specifically features all the necessary nutrients that a growing child needs in order to sustain a healthy lifestyle, including custom packaged breakfast, lunch, and snack options. 

Another specific perimeter that demands shelf stable meals is any natural disaster that can cripple the regular progression of life and makes a decent nutritious meal pretty hard to find. This is where the Emergency package comes in to save the day with its cost-effective and shelf-stable meals that are formulated to help you outlast hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, snow storms and any other natural dilemma that you can think of. 

Senior Citizens demand extra care, and this is what we’re here for as JA Foodservice ensures a nourishing meal that not only works around keeping the nutrients in your body balanced but also furnishes an extensive menu to meet the Federal 1/3 RDA or DRI state guidelines. 

The customizability of our packaged meal kits knows no bounds as there are a plethora of ingredients to choose from based on how fulfilling you need your meal to be whether its gluten-free or sugar-free. All you have to do is design your pallet and let us take of the rest!

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JA Food Service

We provide shelf stable meals for Government funded feeding programs nationwide.
We make meals kits that are ready to eat and last for 6 months or more, with no refrigeration.
Our clients are organizations that set-up meal programs through the state. We do all of the nutritional analysis of potential food products and create menus based on the regulations surrounding each specific feeding program.


Frequently Asked Quesions

Depending on order quantity, delivery can take up to 14 days. Contact our sales department (using the form provided or by calling 800-592-1173) if you need an expedited order.

We like working with programs of any size. Therefore, we do not require a minimum other than 1 case of your desired meal. Whether you have a large program or small, or if you have limited storage space, we are here to help.

JA Foodservice ships nation wide and we work with people in just about every state already.
Because we ship nation wide and every order is different, the shipping cost of your order depends on where you are located and what meals you’ve ordered. Please call (800) 592-1173 for shipping quotes for a specific order.
Our meals are designed to last for 6 months on your shelf, no refrigeration required. We can also design meals that will last longer depending on the specifics of your feeding program.
JA Foodservice works with many food service distribution companies. You can find our product in their catalogs by reaching out to them. However, we will also reach out to them for you in order to establish a pathway for your purchase if you would like.
JA Foodservice has been creating meals for all types of federally funded programs for several years. Our dietitians are aware of all the changes happening with your program and configure our meals to make sure you are reimbursed. Even if your state has additional requirements, we will work with your state dietitian and customize our menus so that you can be certain the meals will work for your program.
Absolutely! We stock a wide variety of food product that meet all type of dietary needs. Whether you are kosher, gluten free, vegan, vegetarian or have a specific food allergy, we can create a meal that will meet the guidelines for your program and be delicious.
We accept all forms of payment including, Credit Cards, ACH Transfer, Check, Money Order and Credit Approved Purchase Orders.
Call our sales department at (800) 592-1173 or send us a message via our Contact page. One of our dedicated staff members will get back to you ASAP.